Hello there!

• You have been wanting to build your business for as long as you remember.
• You can’t stop thinking about the future and all the ideas you have in your mind.
• You keep brainstorming amazing ideas for your business but you don’t know where to start and how to execute them.
• You wish you knew someone that could guide you and hold you accountable.


I was in your shoes.

In 2014, I was working full time at an outdoor furniture company as a graphic designer. I had lots of ideas in my mind, but I was always shot down. The company wanted to go to the traditional route so they stuck with the same designs.

Does this sound familiar?

I ended up quitting that job and started working for a startup company. I was SO excited. The team was younger, they were all creative and they had a passion. They listened to my creative ideas and they would always try their best to help me execute them until one day, they decided to lay me off.

Was it because I did something wrong? No. It was just bad timing. The startup company was losing funding in the Vancouver office and they were originally headquartered in Toronto, ON. They wanted to focus on sales and they already had a full marketing team in Toronto so they decided to let the marketing team go.

What happened after?

Was I upset? Yes and no. No, because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have started my design business, Sparkle & White during that time. I saw myself when I was at the startup company. I found out what I was capable of and that I had good ideas. I knew I was able to start a business and use my creativity and ideas to help entrepreneurs create visuals. I love the female entrepreneur world and I am so happy that I made some amazing friends from it.

Why now?

Why did I decide to create Life With Holly? I’m at a point where I have been in this industry long enough that I have learned the ways of running a business and now I can help other female entrepreneurs do the same. 

All of my clients inspire me. They taught me how to run a business, know my worth and I know that they support me no matter what. I wouldn’t be able to create my 1:1 Business Coaching program if it weren’t for them!

So if you are feeling stuck and have millions of ideas in your mind that you don’t know how to implement them in your business, then my 1:1 Business Coaching program is PERFECT for you!


My name is Holly and I am a Creative Business Coach for female entrepreneurs that want to use their creativity to build their business.

I created Life With Holly so that I could use my creativity and love for videography to bring you FREE tips & tricks and behind the scenes as an entrepreneur and be able to help you create a plan for your business with my 1:1 Business Coaching. You are not alone!

How can I help?

• Figure out who you are and what you want to create for this world!
• Find your brand personality so that you can implement it to your business.
• Create a custom plan for YOU to follow for the upcoming months.
• Work on your marketing strategy so your ideal client can book you!
• All the tips & tricks that will keep you productive and ready to rock the world!

•  Be your accountable buddy and talk all things business + lifestyle! It’s like a virtual coffee date!


1. Brand Persoanlity

I will help you figure out your story, your values and how you will present it to your ideal clients. Let’s start now!

2. Marketing Strategy

We will use our creative ideas and work on a marketing plan that will guide you throughout the year.

3. Productivity + Mindset

Time is precious. You will learn my favorite ways of keeping yourself productive so that you won’t waste any time!

What’s included?

• A 1:1 coaching guide/work book that we will work together on throughout our sessions
6 x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions through a 3 month period on Zoom
Unlimited communications through Telegram
All sessions will be recorded for you to keep and refer back to
Access to our resources library to help YOU with your creative brain
Access to our private Facebook Group with all coaching clients
BONUS: For a limited time offer, we are offering our Branding Package (Value at $500) for FREE if you pay in full



or $600/month for 3 months

I have learned so much about the marketing side, website design and just what goes into all the items that I was looking for. Holly works incredibly hard for her clients. Every idea I threw at her, she came up with ideas and vision that captured what I was going for, and the essence of my brand.




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