Top 5 Favorite Stationery Products For Girl Bosses

Hello! Here are my Top 5 Favorite Stationery Products!

1.  Infinity Pen Case

We love this Infinity Case from Aura Estelle. It’s perfect for the girlbosses that love working at coffee shops! Fit all your favourite pens and other stationery accessories in this beautiful case.

2. Pens

Pens are definitely a must have! To be able to write notes down on your notebook or sticky note or to let your client sign a contract or a sign up form! Our favourite pens are from Poi & Hun!

3. Sticky Notes

We use sticky notes the most! We place them in our notebooks, planners, whiteboard and anywhere we may need them. We love how you can move them to different places or throw them out if you don’t need them anymore! Check out Sessa Vee and Poi & Hun‘s sticky notes.

4. Paper Clips

Clip all your documents with Poi & Hun‘s paper clips. Whether it’s contracts, worksheets, or your planner pages, these are also perfect in photos!

5. Washi Tape

Last but not least, if you love decorating your notebook or planner, washi tape is always fun to have! You can use it as decoration OR you can use it to block off dates in your calendar. Find washi tapes at Stil Classic!

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