Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is my all time favourite. The perfect way to edit and apply filters to your images. It has been one of the first photo apps I have used since I started getting serious with perfecting my photos.

2. FaceTune

FaceTune is perfect to bump up exposure for your photos. I usually use this with under exposed photos and it is great for one time edit. It’s also great for whiten walls that have a slight yellow cast. This app is great for flatlays with white walls.

3. ColorStory

ColorStory is really similar to VSCO Cam. It has more modern, bright filters to use. It also has special effects such as flare, bokeh and many more for those outdoor photos.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is great for more advance editing. I love using Snapseed for their Selective tool which you can select areas to add more brightness, contrast, etc.

5. InstaPlace

InstaPlace is perfect for the travel enthusiast. You can apply location/travel filters to your images. It’s perfect to save the date and location of your photo while looking super chic on your Instagram!

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