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2024 Desk Setup

Flexispot Standing Desk


This is the Flexispot Comhar Desk, I have it in 55″ – This desk is perfect for my work desk setup because I can keep my Poi & Hun sticky notes, notebooks and other accessories in the drawer that it comes with! It’s also affordable if you are looking for a good standing desk!

Use code “HOLLYHO20” for $20 OFF

SIDIZ Ergonomic Chair


Another must-invest item is an ergonomic chair, I purchased this chair on Amazon when I moved out of my home to a new office.

I don’t really recommend this chair, it’s a little pricey!

Arch Desk Mat


My favorite desk accessory for my desk! The Arch Desk Mat from my shop, Poi & Hun! I’m so proud of this one! Also available in Arch Mouse Pad!

Woodcessories Laptop Stand


The best looking laptop stand I have ever seen! Perfect for my MacBook Pro!

Use code “HOLLY15” for 15% OFF

Kiiboom Phantom 68 Keyboard


My favorite keyboard right now and this purple is sooo nice!

Logitech Lift Mouse


This mouse is gamechanging! My wrist doesn’t hurt and it’s so easy to get used to!

BenQ ScreenBar Pro


Perfect if you work in gloomy weather or in the evening. Less strain on your eyes and you can adjust it the way you want it!

P&H Pen + Card Holder Organizer


Where I store all my pens and sticky notes!

Use code “LIFEWITHHOLLY10” for $$ off!

Flexispot Overbed Table


I have this as an extra table to eat lunch with the hubby or if I am doing some production work for P&H!