Holiday Gift Guide 2023 | Amazon Home Office Finds

We are a couple weeks away from Christmas so if you are looking for some Last Minute Gifts for friends and family, this might be the perfect gift guide to check out! 👀

This Holiday Gift Guide is perfect for those with a home office who might be missing some productive and functional items. All these items are available on Amazon so you will get them in time for Christmas!

You don’t have to choose these exact items but anything similar would work too! These are items that I have in my home office (or the hubby’s office) and currently use. ❤️

1. Lumina Webcam ($250)

A good quality webcam is the perfect gift for the work from home friend. I have been using Lumina for a year or two now and it’s a great 4K webcam!

2. Logitech G Aurora Collection ($70-$199)

Are you looking for something for the gamer friend? I got you! Logitech G has the Aurora Collection and it features their all-white peripherals including a mouse, keyboard (with cloud wrist rest) and headphones! Pick one or get them all for your gamer friend!

3. Click & Grow Smart Garden ($75-$200)

Grow your own flowers, herbs or vegetables right from your home office with Click & Grow’s Smart Gardens! It’s the perfect present for those who love cooking, you can choose between a small or large smart garden depending on your budget or how much space they have in the office!

4. Wood Desk Lamp ($30)

The MOST asked product in 2022! I had this desk lamp on my desk for most of 2022; people love how it looks! Pick this up to add some ambience to their setup; they will love it as much as everyone on the internet!

5. BenQ Screenbar Halo ($179)

For those who work from home every day while staring at their computer screen. Save their eyes with the BenQ Screenbar Halo – you can change the brightness and temperature of the light. Their eyes will thank you!

6. WalkingPad C2 ($499)

A lot of people picked up a under desk treadmill this year, fitness can be missed when you are comfortable at home. Imagine walking AND working at the same time – a win-win situation!

7. Nanoleaf Elements ($190)

Add decor and lights to their home office, my favorite is the Nanoleaf Elements, it has the wood look. They also have other versions of Nanoleafs, don’t forget to check them all out!

8. Soundcore Motion 300 ($80)

An affordable AND good speaker from Soundcore. I am impressed by the sound quality and build of this speaker and it’s only $80! Perfect to use in your home office or even take it out when you go camping!

9. Owala Water Bottle ($30)

A good reminder to drink water! The Owala Water Bottle is the best, you can chug or drink from the straw, it has a lock and handle to hold you in and out of the office!

Hope you enjoyed my Holiday Gift Guide for 2023! These are products that I have used in the past or still using! I made sure to pick different types of items so if you are looking for something more affordable or a different category, you’ll be able to grab something too! 😍

You can view the full Holiday Gift Guide on Amazon here.

Happy Holidays! 🎄

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