Top 5 Work From Home Tips

Work from home has changed the game since 2020. I originally had these tips back in 2019 when I had my own design studio and worked from home every day. I still believe in these tips so I am sharing them with you today!

Tip #1: Create A Space You Love + Want To Be In

Depending on how much space you have, whether it’s a dedicated space in your apartment, a corner of your room, or a whole office space, you want to have a space where you will enjoy being in and free from distractions. It can be as simple as a desk and chair with all your necessity for the day or if you have the budget, create the space that you have always wanted!

Tip #2: Create Routines

Create small routines you can follow every day. Every day may be a little different but setting routines such as morning routines or evening routines can help! I always make sure the first thing I do when I’m at my desk is to make myself a coffee – you can also make tea, drink water or even eat breakfast. After that, I usually start the day by going through my planner and planning out the day. I will know exactly what to do for the day. I usually plan for the week but there are times when you will remember random tasks that you may have to do or something important may come up during the day from an email so regrouping your tasks as part of your routine can really help with figuring out the rest of your day.

Tip #3: Block Off Time + Schedule Your Day

I have shared how I plan my week before but blocking off your day can really help set you up for success. Every morning, I go through my planner and look at what I need to do that day. I end up putting my schedule on Google Calendar and blocking out times. It doesn’t have to be fully accurate since you’re free to switch things around if you need to but having a schedule set for yourself that you can start following is important.

Tip #4: Take Breaks!

There’s a difference between getting distracted and taking breaks. It’s okay to take breaks but sometimes it can end up as a distraction. It’s important to take breaks every 30min to an hour whether it’s a pee break, snack break or even to make lunch. It definitely helps clear your mind and kind of do a quick reset when you get back. If you plan to take a 15-minute Instagram break and you know you’ll get distracted, set a timer for 15 min. As soon as the timer rings, that’s your cue to go back to work. Grab a cup of water and walk back to your desk.

Tip #5: Clean Your Space At The End Of The Day

This task may be hard at the end of the day when you are tired and there’s stuff everywhere and you just don’t want to be at your desk anymore, but cleaning your space is so important. It sets you up for the next day. This is why the number 1 tip is so important. You don’t want to start your day in a space you don’t want to be in. You’ll end up getting distracted easily and you won’t want to be there. Putting things away is a lot easier than you think and you can head to bed knowing that the next day is ready to go!

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